Benchtop Styles

We offer a variety of benchtop styles, including waterfall, coved, and drop-front benchtops.

  • Standard Benchtop

    Flat benchtops are extremely verstile and can be made into a large variety of shapes to suit even the most complex kitchen and workspace projects. They are also perfect for multi-level benchtops.

  • Waterfall Benchtop

    The waterfall style is relatively new and has become very popular. With the right choice of laminate, these benchtops look like premium stone (but with the practical benefits of laminate).

  • Coved Splashback Benchtop

    The cove provides splash and spill protection for your wall, and the curved join between the cove and the benchtop surface makes it very easy to clean after use. This can be used in conjunction with or as an alternative to a tiled splashback.

  • Drop Front Benchtop

    The apron on the drop front benchtop is a extremely useful feature in wet areas, as it protects the cabinets or shelving underneath the benchtop from splashing or dripping liquids. This designs is perfect for overhanging basins.

  • Combination Coved and Drop-Front Benchtop

    This design combines the practical benefits of the coved splashback and the drop-front benchtops, protecting the wall and cabinet surfaces from liquids.

  • Something Else?

    If you want a special configuration then chances are that we can build it. Ask our customer service team about your project and we will do our best to provide a benchtop that will suit your goals.

The images provided are a guide only and are not an exact representation of the product. To see true samples please visit our Lonsdale showroom.

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